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 Longfellow's Carol

S.S., piano & glockenspiel (optional) (1996)
Duration: 3'.00"

 Go forth for God

Anthem for S.A.T.B. & organ  (1997)
Duration: 3'15"

 I saw a stable

Carol for S.A.T.B. unaccompanied  (1997)
Duration: 2'.00"

 Softly the night

Carol for S.A. & organ  (1997)
Duration: 3'.00"

 Lord God thou art our maker     and our end

Anthem for S.A.T.B. & organ  (1998)
Duration: 5'.00"

Available from animus Music Publishing

O sing unto the Lord

Anthem for unison voices & organ  (2004)
Duration: 2'.30"

Available from Fagus-Music

Agnus Dei

S.A.T.B. & organ  (1991)
Duration: 1'15"

Away in a manger

Trad. carol arr. for S.A.T.B. & organ  (1995)
Duration: 2'30"

Preces & Responses

S.A.T.B. unaccompanied  (1995)

The Lord is my shepherd

Anthem for S or S.T. solo, S.A.T.B. & organ  (1995)
Duration: 4'.00"

Away in a manger

Trad. carol arr. for S.A. & organ (2000)
Duration: 2'30"

Hand by hand we shall us take

Carol for S.A.T.B. & organ (1999)
Duration: 3'30"

Four Anglican Chants

S.A.T.B. unaccompanied (2001)


Song for S. or T. and piano  (2001)
Duration: 3'00"

Gabriel to Mary Came

Carol for S.A. Men & organ  (2001)
Duration: 2'30"

Available from SibeliusMusic

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